Beryl Dingemans Jewellery

The eclectic style of jewellery designer Beryl Dingemans is reflected in her creations, combining retro glamour and fresh modern sophistication with elements from nature and her travels.

The launch of her new collection of luxury jewellery is handmade in South Africa from ethically produced gold, sterling silver, gold and precious stones.

Coral & pansy Shell Necklaces

African Inspired

Many of the materials and objects used are sourced from Africa and have a strong African design element, creating unique pieces with a distinctly sophisticated, fun and stylish twist. The ready-to -wear collection is handmade, using silver, vermeil and 18k gold plated alloy and gemstones.

Bespoke Pieces

Bespoke pieces are individually handcrafted in gold and silver, using traditional artisan methods and precious stones. Colours and symbols are selected with each individual client, presenting them with a beautiful, meaningful piece to treasure and wear on a daily basis.


About Beryl Dingeman

About Beryl DingemansThe Johannesburg based jewellery designer takes an all-encompassing approach to her creations, combining her passion for beautiful things with an art and fashion background which also reflects her personality and eclectic sense of style.

Having grown up in South Africa in the 1970’s, it’s clear that Beryl’s inspiration for her jewellery comes from Africa and nature with a strong flavour of the retro era. “70’s glamour with an African twist” is the phrase that Beryl uses to describe her jewellery.

Whilst living in The Netherlands, Beryl studied to become a Goldsmith at the well known Schoonhoven Academy and began crafting the pieces of her first collection from her kitchen table in Amsterdam. After a while her home country’s call became too loud to ignore, prompting her to return to South Africa to grow her business with the help of local artisans and African inspiration.