Beryl Dingemans studied goldsmithing at the renowned Schoonhoven Academy in the Netherlands and founded her jewellery brand in Amsterdam in 2012. When her home country's calling became too loud to ignore, she relocated back to her native South Africa and started business up once more. With the help of skilled South African artisans and adopting the same goldsmithing techniques used for centuries, Beryl manufactures her entire luxury collection in South Africa, using locally and ethically sourced silver, gold, gems and precious stones.     

 “We are proudly, purely South African.”


Beryl Dingemans goldsmith


Combining her art and fashion background with her love of travel and ecclectic sense of style, Beryl Dingemans takes an all-encompassing approach to designing her collection. African and retro elements are trademarks of her designs and many of the objects used in her collections are sourced from nature and cast directly, echoing the natural object in a precious metal. Stones are often left raw and combined with cut gems, resulting in contrasting and interesting pieces, accentuating each item's uniqueness.

The Beryl Dingemans Jewellery brand represents modern luxury with a distinctly hip and stylish twist which is exceptionally timeless and easy to wear.

"I adore the glamour of the mid-century modern era as this is when I grew up and the style of that period has always resonated within me. Retro shapes, patterns and jewellery from those times have an enormous influence in the jewellery I create. I'm also hugely inspired by Africa. It's in my blood, it's where I was born and have spent most of my life, so it's no surprise that African elements, animals and nature are evident in my designs. I have always been inspired by nature.

In nature, every object is one-of-a-kind. My beautiful garden is full of indigenous trees and beautiful birds as it borders on a bird sanctuary and my studio looks out onto this stunning view, so I'm constantly being inspired by the nature that surrounds me.”

 Beryl Dingemans Jewellery has a ready-to-wear collection which is supplied to carefully selected luxury boutiques and also offers a bespoke design service, creating fine, unique and personal pieces for clients.